Akkadian-English Dictionary. Volume III (R-Z): Epistemology. by Maximillien de Lafayette

By Maximillien de Lafayette

Akkadian-English Dictionary. Epistemology. Etymology. Terminology. heritage. Texts translation. Linguistic cross-references. Comparative Lexicon/Thesaurus of Akkadian, Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Chaldean, Phoenician, Ugaritic, Aramaic, Syriac, Hebrew, Arabic. With extra linguistic cross-references: Turkish, Urdu and Persian (Farsi). quantity three from a collection of three volumes. A most unusual dictionary of the Akkadian language on many degrees; customarily as a result of its comparability and analogy among Akkadian and 14 languages of the traditional global. hundreds of thousands of entries, definitions and epistemological rationalization of the beginning of the observe, its derivation and editions in different languages. Abundance of photographs, maps, illustrations and sketches.

Samples of the way phrases are outlined, translated and defined in Akkadian and different languages of the period and the traditional global.

• Gan: Akkadian/Sumerian. Noun. a-A box. b-A piece of land. c-A backyard. From Gan, derived the Arabic note Janayna, this means that a backyard, and the observe Janna (Janah), this means that the paradise as pointed out within the Quran. The Arabic “Ganat Adan” in Arabic, and the Hebrew “Gan Eden” (the backyard of Eden) derived from the Aramaic phrases Gan, Ganta and Gentaa, that means park; backyard. backyard of Eden is Gentaa Edeen in Aramaic and Assyrian. The Arabic note “Janat” derived from the Aramaic notice Ganta. The note Eden is an Assyrian loan-word “Edinu”, synonymous with Seru, this means that a steppe, a undeniable, a box. From the Assyrian Seru, derived the Arabic note Zaur, that is the identify of a quarter situated south of Babylon. to not confound it with the opposite Aramaic be aware “Ganta”, this means that a suitcase; Chanta in Arabic.

• Ha: Akkadian/Aramaic. quantity. One. Ha in Assyrian is an adverb, and skill many. In Hebrew, Ha is a piece of writing “the”. Hebrew and Aramaic don't use the indefinite articles “a” or “an”. Ha in Hittite is a verb, and capability to think. Ha in Sumerian and Akkadian is a noun, and capability a fish. Ha is additionally a prefix in Phoenician, proto-Ugaritic, Neo-Assyrian, Akkadian, and Hebrew. The Tanakh includes eighty four names with the prefix Ha. This prefix used to be usually utilized in Neo Assyrian literature, texts, and through Biblical instances.

• Lishannu: Akkadian. Noun. A tongue. Leshono in Aramaic. Leshono in Assyrian. Lashunu, Lashuna, and Lashon in Sumerian. Lashunu, Lashuna, and Lashon in Hebrew. Lishannu in historic Assyrian.
• Lishanna in modern Assyrian japanese dialect. Lisan and Lisano in Arabic. From the Arabic note Lisan, derived the Turkish notice Lisan. Nota Bene: Lisan in Arabic additionally capacity a language.

• Malku: Akkadian/Assyrian. Noun. A king. Malka in modern Assyrian japanese dialect. Malko in modern Assyrian Western dialect. Malak in Hebrew. Malak in Arabic. Malaka in Aramaic. a few theologians, together with the early Hebraic students, and Kabalists known as the Malakim (Plural in Hebrew) Malaa’ikah (Plural in Arabic), the youngsters of the heaven. The Aramaic and Arabic observe Malakut capability the dominion of God. Malkoth in Hebrew additionally potential the dominion of God. Malakout within the Brahman literature potential the Divine One. to not confound it with the Aramaic notice Malka, this means that king; Malak in Arabic, and Melech in Hebrew.

• Gele Reshi: Akkadian. Adjective. naked head. From Gele Reshi, derived the Assyrian phrases Gilya Resha (Bare head). From Reshi, derived the Arabic phrases Ras, this means that head, and Reyes, Rayes, Ra’is, which suggest leader and head of a gaggle, or a president. Reish and Rosh in Hebrew.

• Gerra “Gherra”: Sumerian/Akkadian. Noun. identify of the god of fireplace and thunder, and son of Anunitu in numerous Semitic pantheons. Gerra used to be a big deity worshiped by way of the Akkadians, the Babylonians and the Sumerians. he's: a-Gibil (Ishum) in Sumerian. b-Girra and Girru in Akkadian. c-Gerra Ishum in Babylonian. Gerra was once invoked to guard opposed to black magic, spells, curses, and sorcery. He was once pointed out within the Erra and Ishum drugs.

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